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Torque Trainer- Golf Bundle

Torque Trainer- Golf Bundle

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The Torque Trainer is a systematic training device that teaches efficient movement on a rotational plane while also strengthening the key muscles to producing maximum torque force. This patented design is built to utilize the rotational muscle chains that our instrumental in a powerful kinetic chain used in rotational sports like golf. The Torque Trainer can be used in the gym or at the range by attaching it virtually anywhere.

What's Included

  • Torque Trainer Harness

  • Resistance Band(must be anchored down with weight or bag attachment)

  • 8 Week Ball Speed and Mechanics Program

  • Golf Swing Mechanics Course

  • VIP Access to Golf Drills and Guidance on Lowering Your Score

Pro Long Drive Player- Hunter Noell

The most efficient training device to teach the proper biomechanics required for an efficient, effortless, and powerful baseball/softball swing.

Build up muscles associated with the rotational muscle chain that is instrumental in creating torque forces utilized by the best hitters in the world

See your analytics like bat speed, exit velocity, and distance reach elite levels

Reduce the risk of injury by teaching the proper sequence of mechanics and strengthening the muscle associated with the kinetic chain of the swing