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Online Pitching/Throwing Evaluation

Online Pitching/Throwing Evaluation

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Get a complete breakdown of your pitching mechanics by Head of Player Development Shea Bell.  Shea has worked with hitters like JD Hammer(Phillies), Aaron Ochsenbien(Dodgers), Ryan Ure(Oklahoma State University), and many more pro, college, high school, and youth hitters.

Breakthrough that wall that is preventing you from reaching your full potential!

We will include in our breakdown a list of mechanics or timing deficiencies as well as 1-2 drills to do to fix the mechanical flaws.

How to submit video:

  1. Purchase the Evaluation
  2. You will receive an email with upload link
  3. Follow the directions provided in the email link
  4. You will get another email within 48 hours of your submittal with your evaluation


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